Fruit Fly Traps: All Different Traps That Makes Fruit Fly Control Easy

Control Made Easy With Fruit Fly Traps

Fruit fly traps have been in existence for centuries now although clearly, the technology has evolved immensely over the years. These days fruit fly traps can be of multiple types. Very technically, many people prefer the use of insecticides for fly control but when it comes to effective control, it has been seen that fruit fly traps are much more practical solutions. For starters, fruit fly traps show no toxicity whatsoever so you don’t need to worry about where you use the pest control products. The fruit fly traps are also very effective and you can experiment with the devices, placing them in different positions until you get a satisfactory response. Basically, fruit fly traps can be of 3 types, as you will see by the end of this article.


Of the 3 most common fruit fly traps on the market these days, the fruit zapper is perhaps the most popular one. Technically, the fruit zapper is a trap which revolves around a mechanism designed for electrocution. In this type of trap, fruit flies are eliminated by electrocution. The design of the technology includes a metal screen, a source of ultraviolet light and a protective shield of some kind to prevent people from getting electrocuted together with the fruit flies. These are exceptionally effective fly control solutions because they are made to attract fruit flies most strongly.


The name might seem not so deadly but in reality, the fruit fly traps can be pretty effective. Basically, it refers to a strip of paper or in some circumstances a piece of plastic that has been coated with an exceptionally sticky substance meant for hunting fruit flies. The coating mentioned above normally shows 3 key ingredients: a durable adhesive, a pheromone and a poison, which will normally be arsenic, to help kill the flies shortly after they become trapped on the paper fruit fly traps. Paper fruit fly traps are normally sold in things resembling canisters and they are extremely easy to use.

Jar Fruit Fly Traps

Jar fruit fly traps are by far the most fun fly control solutions, not to mention the fact that the mechanisms come for quite cheap so you will hardly have to spend hundreds of dollars to beat the fruit flies in your home to your fruit bowl. As the name of the fly control method suggests, a jar fruit fly trap makes use of a jar or a container that is either suspended from above or placed on a stand. Jar fruit fly traps also make use of fun baits and here, plenty is left to the imagination of the person using the traps. Jar traps can differ in shapes and sizes but at core, they all function using the same principles. If you are suspecting an infestation in your home, try the Vector Fruit Fly Trap 960. Because of the design of this piece of technology, fly control is made humane as well as practical.

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Beat The Fruit Flies To Your Fruit Bowl: Do-It-Yourself Effective Fruit Fly Control

Because you don’t exactly buy fruits to feed the fruit flies around your home or worse, you definitely don’t buy fruits to later on sprinkle them with chemical sprays and thrust them in your bin. Fruits don’t exactly come cheap and even if they did, in the fast-paced world of today, not many of us can afford to waste a few dollars here and there on a continuous basis. If you happen to have a fruit fly infestation in your home, now is the time to carry out some serious fruit fly control. Getting rid of fruit flies is not rocket science. In fact, it can be quite fun, something you can do together with your kids on your days off.

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

1. Fruit fly control starts with actually not inviting fruit flies in your home. This is quite logical really. So this is what you have to do. Remove all the possible food sources attracting flies in your home. This includes things such as fruits that have gone off or even things such as small food items that you often leave decomposing on your table at the expense of indifference. As a matter of fact, fruit flies only infest in those places where they see they can breed quite successfully.

2. Fruit fly control can also be practiced using what is known as the catch and release method. Here is what you should do. Drop a relatively large piece of rotten fruit in a glass jar or something and leave the whole setting somewhere in your home where you can pretty much bet the fruit flies will find it. Here it is advisable to place at the mouth of the jar, a sheet of A4 paper folded into a cone with the pointed end inside the jar. Basically, this serves to let the flies in but prevent them from leaving once they have fed on the fruit. See. Fruit fly control can be quite fun.

3. Alternatively, you can also use what is known as a bowl fruit fly control trap. Place a piece of old skinless fruit is a bowl of some kind together with some wine and a little balsamic vinegar if you have it at home. This is perhaps the perfect lure where fruit flies are concerned. Cover the bowl with a clear plastic wrap making sure you leave no wrinkle whatsoever. Finally, poke some pretty sizeable holes on the surface of the plastic wrap to make sure that the flies find their way in the trap but not out of it. You can then decide to either kill them or release them outside your home, it’s entirely up to you.

4. Last but not least, you can use the soap fruit fly control method. This one is pretty easy and incredibly vicious. Make yourself a nice setting of soap suds whipped with dish soap. Leave the bowl to sit on a counter using a bait as simple as some fruit juice. Basically the flies will land in the suds and die. Simple, easy and effective.

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